My Family Loves Me

This project has closed and we are no longer accepting donations for it. You can see here our active projects.

“My Family Loves Me” was a one-year-old initiative of the Romanian organization “I Love Children” aiming to reduce the high abandonment rate of new-born children in Romania. Working in collaboration with the local authorities from Iasi volunteers identify cases with risk of abandon and offer material and emotional support to mothers and families in distress in an attempt to increase the odds that the newly born child remains with the parent(s).

A pilot project of 20 cases in 2014 has proven successful in Iasi. However the number of successful interventions is very small due to limited financial resources. Saint Paraskeva Charity has decided to partner with local efforts led by “I Want Home” by supporting these children from the project with food, clothing and baby supplies for the first 6 months of life. We invite our generous donors to join us in this noble and impact filled cause by committing to sponsor a child for a 6 month trial period during 2015 so as to decrease the chance of abandonment and to increase children chance to grow up in a family versus a state institution.

We are no longer accepting donations for this project.