School of Varlaam Scholarships

Site Progress to Date Varlaam Mitropolitul School is a school in Iasi operating under Orthodox Christian values. The students attending this institution are cultivating their talents in an Orthodox spirit, and in this way Varlaam Mitropolitul School is contributing to the moral development of a new generation of future Christian Romanian leaders. This school serves … Read more

Saint Nicholas Shoes and Saint Nicholas College, Iasi, Romania

Site Progress to Date Situated in the city of Iasi and under the patronage of Saint Nicholas, the college hosts dedicated theologian students embodying Christian values and morals.  Their goals are to help guide and change the way society lives through virtuous responsibility, professionalism, and dedication to help our brothers and sisters in need. Their … Read more

The Village of Children – Valea Plopului

Site Progress to Date The village of Valea Plopului, located 16 km from Vălenii de Munte, is the charity site of the “Pro-Vita for the born and unborn” Social Centre operated within the Valea Plopului Parish, where the parish priest and charity mediator Father Nicolae Tănase has been serving the community since 1979. The Pro … Read more

The MagiCamp Project – Bucharest City- Completed Project

MagiCamp is the most vibrant solidarity network in Romania that improves the health and well-being of children, teens and young adults diagnosed with cancer and other severe conditions across the entire country. Since 2018 Saint Paraskeva has partnered with Caravana MagiCamp; their program offers thousands of smiles to children with cancer, while traveling thousands of … Read more

Gaudeamus Scholarship Program, Cluj City- Completed Project

This is a Nonprofit initiative dedicated to help highly achieving students from poor rural areas in Cluj county continue their education at prestigious schools in Cluj-Napoca. Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity is supporting with school tuition these local efforts. Such example is the $1400 scholarship/year granted a to an eighth grade student who is a winner … Read more

Melita’s story of faith and courage. Turda, Cluj County – Completed Project

Melita, a 13-year-old school girl, suffers from a life threatening disease called “Epidermolysis Bullosa” for which there is no cure. The only available treatment available is the dressing of the wounds with special gauges and ointments, which amounts to $800/month. Despite her debilitating disease, Melita “the butterfly” has kept her faith and studies hard to … Read more

Handicapped teens from Romania need your help- Completed Project

There are over 50 children in Giurgiu, Romania who suffer from severe physical and cognitive disabilities. Under the coordination of Nelysor Tudor, a single mother of a child with severe physical disability and other children’s families are struggling to improve their health condition through physical therapy, nutritional diets, special medical programs for rehabilitation and physical … Read more

Summer School – Mogosoaia- Completed Project

A group of volunteers near Bucharest have decided to allocate their time and effort to a noble cause: to support low income families by keeping their children in school and to help these little ones acquire life skills. There are many challenges, such as illiterate children who never attended school, others who started later or … Read more

Rasca: The Joy of the Impoverished- Completed Project

Rasca is a little village in Suceava County, Romania, that promises to bring hope to countless impoverished people in the region. Rasca is home to a new building, still under construction, that will offer shelter and support for those in need and serve as a base for the ministry’s founder, Father Andrei. Father Andrei is … Read more

Georgiana, an example of strength: mind, body and spirit – Completed Project

April 2015 update “Tender as a butterfly!” that’s how Georgiana describes herself. Georgiana one of our most needy beneficiaries which our organization has sponsored for the past four years. Her incurable disability, Bullous Epidermolysis (EB), requires constant care and attention, which implies daily application of medical creams covered with bandages. This year our charity helped … Read more

Physical Therapy for Children in Giurgiu, Romania – Completed Project

Special Medical Care for the handicapped kids of Giurgiu There are over 70 children in Giurgiu, Romania who suffer from severe physical and cognitive disabilities. Under the coordination of Nely Sortudor, the children’s families are leading the effort to improve their health condition through physical therapy, diet, and special medical programs. Donors like you made … Read more