Our Volunteers

To all of our Volunteers – THANK YOU!

On behalf of our board, our donors, our corporate partners and our beneficiaries, we thank you for your kindness, commitment, compassion, and caring.

There is no human being alive who has not received a gift from God. We have all been blessed by God with certain gifts and talents – and opportunities to use them – and are called upon to give back a portion of these blessings in thanksgiving for what we have received, and for the glory of His holy Name!

We invite you to be part of our team and help us grow through your blessed gifts and talents.

To apply as a volunteer with our organization please fill out the application form (PDF) and send it back to us at the email address in the form.

Our volunteering mission is guided by our volunteer values that we all strive to follow and inspire in each other in our daily work as volunteers.

Learn more about volunteering and stewardship.

Alice Akunyili
Aisi Zisu
Alin Nemes
Alina Fortis
Anuta Urs
Bogdan Constantinescu
Catalin Serban
Crina Popa
Dan Neamtu
Dana Neamtu
Dumitru Smochina

Emil Smochina
Elena Cipoiu
Elena Mihailescu
Elena Pop
Elena Susan
Florin Precup
Florina Villarde
Gigi Rus
Ioan Stoian
Iulia Dragus
Maria Cuceu

Mihaela Dejan
Mihaela Lujerdean
Mirela Birta
Nori Groza
Robert Hopper
Roxana Iacob
Teodora Filip
Valentin Despin
Veronica Hoskins
Victor Durgheu

You can listen to the poem “Voluntar” (in Romanian) by Father Andrei from Rasca below:


You can download the poem in PDF (in Romanian) from here.