New Art & Cultural Committee

Starting November 21st, 2017 – SPOC has opened a new chapter: the Art & Culture Committee.

The Art & Culture Committee is launching cultural evening events to include hand-made crafts class and icon painting classes. The co-founders of this chapter, Maria Theodorescu (Art & Culture Director) and Ligia Grindeanu (Poetry and Creative Writing Director) are pleased to announce monthly cultural evening events, with the main goal of bringing together people sharing the same interest in poetry, prose, music, painting, drawing and much more. A calendar of events for 2018 will be posted in the future on our website. “The Cultural Evening” is a place where we remember traditions, musicians, poets and writers, a place where we discover new talents, we enjoy and share art and culture in all of its forms.

All donations raised by Art & Culture Committee will benefit SPOC’s projects.

To join us once a month for an authentic evening, you can e-mail us at: [email protected]
Your hosts are: Maria Theodorescu and Ligia Grindeanu
For more details about Art & Culture Committee’s activities please visit us at: or: