Executive Staff

The Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity is comprised of the following volunteer members that represent the Executive Staff Committee and the Project Committees.

Executive Committee

  • President: Mariana Cuceu, [email protected]
  • Executive Secretary: Ilie Rusu, [email protected]
  • Past Vice-President: Ioana Coman, [email protected]
  • Interim Vice-President: Ilie Rusu, [email protected]
  • Treasurer: Lucian Dragus
  • Public Relations and Communication: Elena Susan, [email protected]

Volunteering Committees

SPOC Youth Chapter

  • Andrei Enache – Onsite Project Liaison & Youth Chapter Team Leader
  • Ellie Papadakis – Public Relations and Fundraising
  • Maria Gorog – Fundraising
  • Elena Spiro – Fundraising

Project Volunteers

  • Secretarial Assistance: Mirela Birta, [email protected]
  • Fundraising Coordinator: Claudia Luca
  • Project Coordinator: Adriana Obreja
  • Legal Advisors: Marlena Albu, J. Kyle Rubeck 
  • Accountant: Teodora Filip
  • Volunteering Events: Andreea Capata, Antonela Tosa, [email protected]
  • Special Events: Mihai Dejan, Florin Fortis, Violeta Suciu
  • Media and IT Operations: Dragos Doran