Our Staff

The Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity is comprised of the following volunteer members that represent the Executive Staff Committee and the Project Committees.

Executive Committee

Volunteering Committees

SPOC Youth Chapter

  • Andrei Enache – Onsite Project Liaison & Youth Chapter Team Leader
  • Ellie Papadakis – Communication and Fundraising Intern
  • Maria Gorog – Fundraising
  • Elena Spiro – Fundraising

Project Volunteers

  • Secretarial Assistance: Mirela Birta, [email protected]
  • Fundraising Coordinator: Claudia Luca
  • Project Coordinator: Adriana Obreja
  • Legal Advisors: Marlena Albu, J. Kyle Rubeck 
  • Accountant: Teodora Filip
  • Volunteering Events: Andreea Capata, Antonela Tosa, [email protected]
  • Special Events: Mihai Dejan, Florin Fortis, Violeta Suciu
  • Media and IT Operations: Dragos Doran