Executive Staff

The Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity is comprised of the following volunteer members that represent the Executive Staff Committee and the Project Committees.

Executive Committee:

  • President, Mariana Cuceu, president.spcharity@gmail.com
  • Past Vice-President, Ioana Coman, vice-president.spcharity@gmail.com
  • Interim Vice-President, Ilie Rusu, contact.spcharity@gmail.com
  • Treasurer, Lucian Dragus
  • Public Relations and Communication, Elena Susan, pr.spcharity@gmail.com
  • Executive Secretary, Ilie Rusu, contact.spcharity@gmail.com

Project and Volunteering Committees

  • Secretary, Mirela Birta, secretary.spcharity@gmail.com
  • Operations, Florin Fortis
  • Budget and Financial Planing
  • Fundraising Coordinator, Claudia Luca
  • Programs Coordinator
  • Legal Advisor, J. Kyle Rubeck 
  • Accountant, Teodora Filip
  • Volunteer Coordinator,
  • Volunteering Events, Andreea Capata, Antonela Tosa, events.spcharity@gmail.com
  • Special Events, Mihai Dejan